Rainy days in Joomlaville

It has been raining all day and night ...

Joomla 1.6 has been finished

There was some big news in Joomlaville recently. Construction of a large new project called 1.6 was finished.

It took the effort of many people in Joomlaville to complete but it was worth the effort. In fact, you're looking at 1.6 right now. What do you think?

Busy Times in Joomlaville

Joomlaville is a busy place with events going on all the time.

Almost every month you'll find more and more Joomla events happening.

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Joomlaville is growing fast!

Did you know that Joomlaville is one of the fastest growing cities around?

Every day lots and lots of new people are moving to Joomlaville, attracted by the low cost and high quality of living. Why don't you pay us a visit and see if you'd like to join us?